Cedar Mountain Banjos on their way from Brevard, North Carolina

As you well know, the team here at Maple Leaf Music makes it our business to find the cream of the crop of anything with strings and frets. We look tirelessly, day-and-night for the best  fretted instruments in all of North America to bring back home to southern Vermont. During our latest expedition in search of [...]

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Mule Resophonics Are Coming and They Are Kickin’!

Over the coming weeks we’re getting a trio of killer Mule Resophonic guitars handmade by Matt Eich in Michigan. These resonators have got a kickin sound and soul in spades! Christian put one through its paces a little while back, and the playablity of the instrument and gutsiness of tone were mind-blowing. More Mule musings: [...]

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Riley Goodemote

Changing Faces at Maple Leaf Music

You may stroll into Maple Leaf Music in the next few weeks and see a new face behind the counter finishing a setup or polishing a guitar. We’re super excited to have Riley join our team and we think you’ll enjoy his bright smile and comprehensive knowledge of all things musical.  As part of this change, [...]

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Happy Holidays 2013!

  Happy Holidays As 2013 draws to a close, we would like to extend our gratitude for your continued support over the past year. We wish you a wonderful holiday season filled with family, cozy fires, and joyful music. This has been a year where we have seen many familiar faces and it is heartening to [...]

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Mandolin Holiday Instrument Packages

Holiday Instrument Packages

The Best Holiday Season is a Musical One We’ve done all the busy work for you! Save time and energy this holiday season by surprising your loved one with an expertly assembled musical instrument package. We’ve paired quality instruments and accessories together for the least expensive cost, which everyone can appreciate this time of year. [...]

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Used 1940 Gibson Trio (ES-150, EH150, EH125) available now at Maple Leaf Music in Brattleboro Vermont

A 73 Year Old Gibson Trio

This 1940 Gibson trio (ES-150 archtop, EH-125 lap steel, and EH-150 amplifier) came to us from the son of the original owner, who bought them all at Deland’s Music Store in Greenfield, Massachusetts on the same day 73 years ago.  We have lovingly restored each piece with the help of Tucker Barrett and they are [...]

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Earthquaker Devices at Maple Leaf Music in Brattleboro Vermont

Earthquaker Devices

Born from basement tinkering between real world R&D stints touring as road manager for the Black Keys, Jamie Stillman’s experiments turned into Earthquaker Devices. Early experiments in reverse-engineering Dan Auerbach’s vintage Big Muff or fixing his own failing gear garnered a following in the boutique pedal forums that has blossomed into a thriving business in Akron, Ohio. [...]

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Tucker Barrett working in his Workshop

In Need of Repair?

Most days at Maple Leaf Music we see stringed instruments walk in the door in need of help. Some call for slight adjustments while others require complete overhauls. Nearly all of it gets sent to our trusty local luthier, Tucker Barrett, whose years in the instrument building and repair industry have made him the go-to [...]

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Catalinbread Dirty Little Secret effects pedal is available at Maple Leaf Music in Vermont

Gettin’ Dirty with Effects Pedals

Summer is for growing and dirt is an essential part of the process. In keeping with Maple Leaf’s undying devotion to the world of “agro” culture we’ve been expanding our fuzz, overdrive, distortion, and boost effects pedal offerings. Whether you’re looking for a little more transparent volume, tube amp-like breakup, psychedelic fuzz, chaotic face peeling [...]

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Froggy Bottom 40th Anniversary

One Year Anniversary Under the New Ownership

Although Maple Leaf Music is 34 years old, we’re excited to celebrate our 1 year anniversary of being its new owners. We’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for continuing to support “your local music store”—even if that means you’re one of our friends from New York, California, Texas or The Netherlands.  As we [...]

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