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reverb rocket

Ampeg Reverbrocket

Ampeg amps, traditionally speaking are something that bass players talk about. What is often overlooked is that Ampeg amps were also on the cutting edge of electric guitar amplifier design, introducing some concepts to the amp world that still stick today. When most people look back on the golden era of amplification (the late 50′s through the 60′s) they immediately think Fender. What some don’t realize though is that it was the Ampeg company that first introduced reverb to a guitar amplifier. The early 60′s Reverberocket was the first amp to incorporate reverb and beat Fender by a couple years to the reverb market.

Ampeg amps have long been a staple in rock & roll. From it humble beginnings in the mid 1940′s with their one product, an amplified peg or “Ampeg” for upright bass, they’ve been know as major innovators. Their Portaflex bass amp from 1960 still remains a first choice in the studio for bass players.

Ampeg gvt5-110_FRONT

Ampeg GVT5 – 110

Now fast forward about 50 years through amplifier history. Past the Marshall driven 70′s, through the overly technical 80′s, the grunge of the 90′s and into the new millennium. It is at this point that the tube amp world has branched into two basic directions: either the simplicity side or the bells and whistles approach. Simplicity implies minimal knobs, tubes and switches. Bells and whistles are just the opposite. Ampeg remained true to the simplicity approach when they began designing and building their GVT series guitar amplifiers. The current GVT line of guitar amps reflects years of listening to circuits as well as to what guitarists want. These amps represent a great, versatile, responsive tone at every volume with a straightforward, modern design. They feature all tube circuitry, simple and effective EQ sections, generally one, in some cases two channels, and a signature, lush reverb.

One of the only bells and whistles the GVT series features is an incredibly practical one. You can cut your wattage in half with the flick of a switch. This allows you to turn up more and find the sweet spot of the tubes and speaker without blowing the windows out of the club or your bedroom. But you then still have the option of full wattage when you need a little more power or headroom. A truly nice feature that has a lot of practical use. These are the perfect amps for the bedroom or the bar, offering something for everyone.