Diamond Bottleneck Slides

Diamond Bottleneck slides are hand blown crystal slides that are  annealed and finished in Great Britain by Ian McGee and his team.   Their atelier is located in the historic, world famous ‘glass-quarter’ of the Wordsley / Amblecote area of Stourbridge, England – traditionally known as the ‘spiritual home’ of British glassmaking for over 400 years!   Here they have access to a specialist glass restoration & repair ‘cold-work’ workshop where they can utilize the ‘state of the art’ and traditional hand-crafting glassworking (Lapidary) equipment.

At Maple Leaf we’ve ordered both the hand blown crystal slides and the hand cut and shaped bottleneck slides.

Diamond ‘Ultimate’ Crystal Slides

Diamond Bottleneck Slides available now at Maple Leaf Music in Brattleboro Vermont

Assorted Jewel Tone Hues and Shapes

Presenting the ‘Ultimate’ - our range of hand-blown lead crystal glass guitar slides.   The ‘Ultimate’ slides are loved by those who seek  rich tones that come from these individually crafted guitar slides.  These slides are totally seamless with perfectly smooth sidewalls and available in a variety of wall thicknesses (4mm up to 7mm) & color options.  These beautiful jewel toned guitar slides are all tailored to meet your personal specifications, therefore we are able to offer any internal diameter, slide length & wall thicknesses required.

We’ve ordered the suite of  ‘Ultimate slides and have the traditionally-styled glass guitar slides, a ‘domed-top’ closed end guitar slide & a ‘flat-top’ closed end guitar slide with the same cut profiles as our ‘Original’ & ‘Redhouse’ bottleneck range.
The closed end slides are most versatile for slide guitarists who also venture into the wonderful world of playing lap-slide guitar, so the guitarist can use the very same slide for both Spanish (upright) and lap-slide.

Diamond Bottleneck Slides

 Their equipment is water-fed which allows them to cut the neck from the bottle (or cut up our lead crystal tubes & bars) to any required length and then shape the necessary cut profiles and final-finish the piece using a three-stage sanding belt polishing cycle to create a totally flawless, mirror finish high lustre product.  At that point, their craftsmen hand-shape & polish the inner chamfers using diamond files & two ultra-fine cerium oxide pastes to dispose of any sharpness or internal chipping that will affect the playing comfort of the finished slide.