How To Order


There are two parts to our business here at Maple Leaf Music. We sell things to the wonderful folks who visit us here at our “brick and mortar” store and we also cater to customers from all over the world. We do not have a “shopping cart” type site as we like to get to know our customers personally. Give us a call and we can talk instruments, amps, effects pedals, or… anything else! While the web offers incredible information, we strongly feel that nothing beats getting details and opinions from a real person.  Our philosophy as a shop is to deliver the right instrument to the right player.  To this end we operate with the intent of full disclosure.

The Shipping Part

Maple Leaf Music offers FREE GROUND SHIPPING one way within the continental United States for all non-consignment orders valued over $3000 and under 25 pounds in weight.  If your order falls outside of this parameter, then we’ll discuss other options on a case by case basis. We generally only ship on Mondays.

Our freight carrier is Federal Express.  For instruments worth over $3000, we prefer to use Fed Ex Air.  There are three levels of Air shipping- overnight, 2 day, and 3 day express service- cost of course increases with speed of service.  For Fed Ex Air we charge the shipping directly to your credit card, for Fed Ex Ground we obtain a quote and include that in your store purchase.  This eliminates both refunds and embarrassing requests for more money from you. Books and accessories we will send through the U.S. Post Office.

The Money Part

When you decide to buy an instrument from us, you can send us a check or use your credit card. If you pay with a credit card, we will charge your credit card in full the day we ship the instrument. The instrument gets shipped, and you will have a 24 hour approval period during which you can determine if it’s the perfect instrument for you.  We’ll be in touch over the phone or by email to check in.  If after the approval period you decide for any reason that this is not the one for you, you are responsible for all shipping charges (initial shipping to you and return shipping) and we require that you ship it the same method that we shipped to you.  Furthermore, your refund will be charged a 4% restocking fee to cover our credit card costs in the transaction.  As this can be a very substantial charge on a high end instrument, we strongly recommend that you inquire about any details prior to shipment that are of concern to you.  If you pay with a check or bank wire, there will be no restocking fees if you decide not to keep the instrument; however, you will be responsible for return shipping.  All orders shipped to addresses within the State of Vermont or picked up at Maple Leaf Music are subject to the 6% state sales tax.

 The Approval Part

We offer a 24 hour approval period for items shipped from the shop. If an instrument is shipped during extreme hot or cold weather, we request that you let the instrument acclimate for up 24 hours before unpacking; this is to let the instrument warm up or cool down gradually to avoid damaging the finish. Your approval period will start once you’ve unpacked the instrument to give you time to become acquainted.

We do our very best make accurate and complete descriptions both on our site and over the phone. Used products are especially tricky because descriptions about condition are often subjective; we encourage you to ask any questions you can think of concerning both the sound and structural or cosmetic state of any instrument. Just be assured that all necessary repairs are done before a used instrument gets hung on our wall!