Christian Glines, owner of Maple Leaf MusicChristian Glines

Christian first came into contact with American roots music while attending Evergreen State College in Olympia Washington. Coming off a stint of studying Jazz at the Berklee College of Music, Christian found it refreshing to meet so many young talented musicians playing various styles of roots music like Gypsy Swing, Bluegrass and Old Time. Evergreen was a fertile ground for musicians; many of which have become respected players in the field and he flourished in this collective energy. This spurred him to study ethnomusicology where he traced many of these music’s back to the countries that they originated from. Christian became focused on the point in time when these music’s were brought to America and underwent a metamorphosis that resulted in what we now know to be American music. His repertoire draws from a blend of blues, swing, jug, honky tonk, bluegrass, and old time.  Check out his current band Jug-Tonk Stompers.

AaronAaron Chesley

Aaron’s knowledge base spans from in-depth electronics to proper posture when playing a complex classical piece. He grew up with a guitar in his lap from the age of 6 and has spent time with most common musical styles. His current involvement in the music scene includes playing in Clayton Sabine and the Blackout Lottery, running Headroom Stages music hall, rehearsal/recording/teaching studio on Elliot St., and offering beginning through advanced lessons in many styles of guitar.


Dawn Russell of Artisan Web and PrintDawn Russell

Dawn plays the bluegrass banjo and a little ukulele and guitar.  Her primarily focus in the shop is overseeing our website management and marketing.  She designed our new website and oversees its management and upkeep as well as assisting with photography, graphic design and all things digital.   If you don’t see her in the shop, you may find her picking her banjo during a summertime festival or working on new websites for Artisan Web and Print.

Riley Goodemote

Riley is a Brattleboro native and has been a prominent musical feature of the southern Vermont post-modern traditional and baroque-funk circuits for several years now. He can be seen from time to time in the horn section of several area bands and classical ensembles as well as with his own northern roots/progressive contradance group, Dangerous Intersection. Riley is a semi-recent graduate of the Ithaca College School of Music where he was a trombone major (don’t hold it against him), and he now holds a degree in Music Education. Don’t worry though, he is also an accomplished mandolinist and is certifiably obsessed with the acoustical riches that abound in the world of fine fretted instruments that he now inhabits. Needless to say, Riley’s thrilled to be a part of the gang at Maple Leaf Music, and looks forward to seeing you when you next come into the shop!