BourgeoisDana Bourgeois gained decades of experience in guitar design and construction from his early years as a luthier in the late 70′s, to his collaboration with artist Eric Schoenberg, and his later involvement with the C.F. Martin Guitar Company, Paul Reed Smith Guitars, and Gibson Guitars. Starting In 1995 Dana and Bourgeois Guitars crafted over 1,000 of the finest acoustic instruments played by musicians around the world. Now building guitars under the company name of Pantheon Guitars in Lewiston, Maine, and Dana and his crew are working to build some of the best “small shop” acoustic guitars available today.

Christian visited the Bourgeois factory and came back with this story, a tale that reflects directly on the nature of Dana’s guitars. He saw 4 crates of red spruce tops come to the factory. Dana’s foreman selected some 20 out of the lot and Dana came in and tapped and flexed and studied and ended up with 2 tops out of the entire bunch that met his standards. Years of experience guide the wood selection here, and no fancy machine can ever do this first step in building a fine guitar. Dana has been told that he sends back more wood than any other Luthier!

Most Bourgeois guitars are based on the tried and true designs arrived at by the Martin Guitar Company, particularly the Dreadnaughts and the smaller OM’s and 00 sizes. However due to the quality of their woods, their selection process and the amount of hand work involved in the building, they have most definitely out-Martined Martin. They have a nice firm bass with incredible clarity even in the smaller guitars and still sing with that woodiness and warmth.

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