Huss and Dalton

Huss and DaltonJeff Huss started out building banjos for Stelling, for about nine years. He built his first guitar there on nights and weekends. After Geoff Stelling heard the guitar, he wanted one. So he built one for him. A customer heard Geoff’s and wanted one. So I started building guitars for Stelling. Then he decided to build them for himself, so he left Stelling and set up shop in his garage. The rest as they say is history Going back to their beginnings, they are now making fine old-time and bluegrass banjos!

Huss and Dalton currently has about 15 different models with many options for customization available. Their Slope-D’s are among the best guitars being made today. Every one we’ve have either in Indian Rosewood or Mahogany has been just super. We also especially enjoy their OM’s in Brazilian. They all have an excellent mid-range kick which of course contributes to their warmth. All Huss and Dalton models are topped with AAA grade woods which are checked individually for load bearing abilities, and are thickness sanded to achieve the best balance of strength and flexibility.

Each model has a Honduran rosewood bridge plate, ebony fretboard, bone nut and fully compensated 1/8″ bone saddle. String scales are individually compensated for correct intonation, and most models also have a 25″ radius top for structural integrity and a boost to the midrange. All Huss & Dalton guitars are braced with hand split Appalachian Red Spruce, which has a greater strength-to-weight ratio than other brace woods. They bind every fingerboard on every guitar model. Boards which need to have an unbound look are bound in Ebony, which is nearly invisible on an Ebony fingerboard.

Binding all fingerboards means no fret ends are seen or are felt. Besides technical improvements to the design of the instruments, they have made aesthetic improvements as well. Most instruments feature solid wood bindings and are tastefully appointed with shell inlays.

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